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KY BIO produce compound Food Additives, such as meat products modifying agent,  aquatic (seafood) products water retention agent,  bread & Noodles modifying agent,  antiseptic,  antistaling agent,  active agent, menthol.
We also produce tobacco casing, flavor, perfumes.
KY BIO can offer food and cigarettes manufacturers professional products solutions.
We pass identification - SGS FSSC22000、SGS ISO22000、OU kosher and MUI Hala.


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Surfactants seriesSurfactants series
Freservatives seriesFreservatives series
Extracts seriesExtracts series
Conditioners series Conditioners series
Thickeners seriesThickeners series
Tobacco ExtractTobacco Extract
Bright Tobacco EnhancerBright Tobacco Enhancer
Tobacco CasingTobacco Casing
Anti-Tobacco Harshness & SweetnessAnti-Tobacco Harshness & Sweetness
Honey FlavorHoney Flavor
Jasmine FlavorJasmine Flavor