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  555-Type Tobacco Flavor
  Guaraná Flavor
  Honey Flavor

KY led

About Us

Kingyoung Bio Technical Co., Ltd  is one of the leading professional manufacturers of  daily chemical meterial,   food additives,  tobacco flavors & spices in China.

Established in 1999.


KYB owns 3 modernization factories with total annual capacity of more than 30000 tons, including a GMP standard workshop where cosmetics grade products are produced.


Our R&D cooperated with universities & researching institute keeps developing new products to meet market requirements.


At present, there are more than 16 series and over 100 pdocuts available. The application fields cover most of industrial fields such as tobacco, cigarrete, cosmetics, cleaning, food, drinking industries as well.


About 50% of products are exported to 56 countries all over the world with good reputation. KYB is committed to make both of us more success in a professional way with sincere cooperation.